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The world is my creation



In the heart of reality a continuous creation acts, material and spiritual. "The world is/must be my creation" is the differential ethics of its unique subjects. Active complicities and affinities exist between the cosmos and those worthy enough to listen to it and to work with it. Crealism places the primacy of creativity in the heart of being, and, far from being the exclusive domain of artistic disciplines, it also concerns the dynamic extension of living territories, a tangible praxis and collectivity of singularity. Accepting this, Creality is an unpredictable blossoming, a living fabric of non-determinist interrelationships, while Reality is its compost, its automatic framework. To become a so(U)rcerer of forms, intensities and coincidences, rather than to accept the banal codes of this era saturated with culs-de-sac. Crealism is a politic of Reality as a co-creation in becoming, in which the coherent-active subject occupies a co-central place in the cosmic harmonium, where imagination, passion, will, art, desire, and love redefine unceasingly, in the present moment and in action, the possible conditions of a disalienated life, of a free existence.


Luis de Miranda

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