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Postmodernism and crealism



Realism perceives reality as objective and external. Man’s life is manifested in his outer environment, social relations and behavior. The artist acts in the world which is “completely separate”, “independent of our will”.

Modernism makes a turn toward subjective, internal reality. Writer does not exist in the world but world in the writer. Both, impression and ex-pression, pass through the sensorial, intellectual filter of each person. This process changes our cognition and comprehension, as well as our evaluation and creation (hence the demand for “re-evaluation of all values”). Reflection is substituted by refraction. In modernism every individual is the assessor and final judge of reality, and shapes it according to his subjective views.

For postmodernism the world is simulacrum which swallowed the subject, object, reality… Precisely said, reality is “the form of collective fiction” (P. Berger, T. Lucman) enabled and imposed by the process of socialization – institutionalization, communication, “games” – in the first place language games (Wittgenstein). Everything (existence, essence, cognition…) is undetermined, marked with total relativity. Since nothing is certain action, change, value system, assertions (including “truth”, “justice” etc.) are biased instruments of “scientistic” ideological and regional (western) domination (epistemological relativism). In the kingdom of simulation, in which the doubt is hopelessly entangled in aporia, artist could only accept “the rules of the game”, become simulator, producer of illusions.

Crealism affirms creality. Both external and internal reality are interwoven by our action. External reality is non-subjective (as materialists take) or mere construct (according to “radical constructivists”). Internal reality is non-objective (cf. idealists), or simple reflex of genetic factors (assumption of neo-positivists in biological sciences). Creality is reality created by us externally and internally, by our permanent interactions with subjects and objects, with aim to create our human world. This is a new world and world of novelty, open to change, limited only by the extent of our creative potentials. Vital core of any modern wisdom is, therefore, very simple but essential fact: we live in the world of creality, reality created by us. This is the crucial ontological, gnoseological and axiological “secret”. Everything else is derived from this basic fact…

Momir Nikic

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