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What is crealism ?





Crealism is a philosophical, artistical, political and existencial movement founded by Luis de Miranda in the years 2000. The term "Créel" (Creal, from creation and real) was coined by Miranda in his french novel Paridaiza and his essay on Deleuze - "Is a new life possible ?" The influences are, among others, Nietzsche, Bergson and Deleuze. Creal is the name of Life as a mostly invisible vibration : the vital fluxus in its ever creative becoming. Crealism is the cult of Life as Creal, and the loving respect of the differences that want to emerge to existence.


We should not understand crealism as a mere reactivation of the protagorean view, too anthropocentrical, wich considers that Man is the main creator and Life a manipulable stock. Crealism doesn't affirm that Man is the main creative being. Man can't create without the help of the Creal, the chaosmos. Humanity ordinates worlds among the multiple virtual possibilities of the crealia flow : it is Life, essencially, that creates and Man, more or less alive, merely ordinates the flow acording to certain axes, and codes that produce reality. Politically, we should not consider this codes as truth, but mere ordinated realities.


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