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Crealism versus capitalism in Iceland



Crealism Versus Capitalism: The return of the “Joie de vivre”

Þjóðmálastofnun, EDDA – öndvegissetur and FRAFL present a special talk by Luis de Miranda as a part of the lecture series The Perpetual Motion Machine (Eilífðarvélin). The talk will be held in English on Thursday the 11th of November, from 12.30 – 13.30 in room 105 at the Háskólatorg, the University of Iceland.

Rooting his analysis in Deleuze and Lacan’s writings, Luis de Miranda demonstrates how capitalism is a mass frustrating machine that feeds on the structure of our psychology. He shows that, for the same reason, there are reasons to believe that a new way of life is coming.


In all spheres of today’s society, as quality of life is becoming synonymous with quantity of desires, we are continually swinging between two sides of the same play – onstage: obscene acting outs; backstage: guilty Puritanism. Can we act other than unsettled enjoyment machines, whose alternative current switches between greed and retention, waste and debt?

Many are wondering why, once the virtual or symbolic conditions for enjoyment fulfilled, only a vacuous or perverted reality settles in. In fact, the very mechanics of the libidinal capitalist economy are based in an ever-repressed anguish caused by stray longings. In a world globally structured by surplus value, enjoyment takes the shape of frustration on the international scale.


Are we then to relinquish our joie de vivre and find refuge in moralism and austerity?


Comparing Lacan’s thought with Heidegger’s and Marx’s lead us to the assertion that a creative existence is still possible, more than ever, Luis de Miranda aims to consider this liberty and calls it crealism : the co-ordination of a world based on the ever creative fluxus of Life.


Luis de Miranda, 39, artist, novelist and philosopher, is the founder of the ‘crealism’, an existential, philosophical and artistic movement.

More information about the lecture series can be found here: http://ts.hi.is/eilifdarvelin/



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