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photo Eric Garault (détail)


Crealism claims that the world ought to be our common work of art. 

Therefore, there shall be less and less separation between the everyday life and the esthetical moments that art provides. 

Crealism claims that we should stop to adapt to reality as if it were truth.

Therefore, we should be the architects of our reality, by co-creating our orders and game rules.

Crealism claims that the flow of the Creal is the ever creating vibration from wich reality is shaped.

Therefore we should be aware that there's always much more in life than what we see.

Crealism claims that society should be organized around the values of art and creation, and not the market money values.

Therefore, we should all participate in making the art market less absurd and speculative. "A new society would be necessary if art ought to be innocent again" Thomas Mann.

Crealism claims that improvising is existing, but order is necessary.

Therefore we should work on an equilibrium between happenings and protocols.

Crealism claims that numerism wants to rule the world and impose its codes, but that Eros is stronger that Numeros.

Therefore we should play with the automatons to make them produce freedom, and settle our own codes.

A Crealist is a receptor of the Creal, a compositor of existences.

Crealism claims that perception is a point of view.

Therefore we should deconstruct the perception clichés.

Crealism claims that every human being plays a different music, on a personal tone.

Therefore we should encourage singularities and listening.

Crealism claims that too much information kills the imaginative power, and that without imagination reality is dead and reproductive.

Therefore we should let empty spaces copulate with informed spaces.

Crealism is an enemy of standardisation and mimetism.

Therefore we will produce our own ephemerous repetitions to break the routines.

Crealism claims that there are many worlds.

Therefore we will consider our space of expression as a field for multiple systems.

 Crealism wants to fluidify heavy dualisms, like man/woman, art/business, poetry/reality, death/life.

Therefore we will try to give birth, alltogether, to a more generous and genuine world.

Luis de Miranda

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