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Créalistes à Washington


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By Margaret Flowers - Posted on 12 July 2011

Below is an endorsement of the October action from the Crealist Movement in France.

In a recent article, Luis writes about Crealism and explains "Together with some Parisian Crealists, I am currently working on what we call a CreAtlas, an atlas of all the alternative orders that we consider Crealist. Up to now, we have a list of 200, [examples include] cities where they are experimenting with a new way of exchanging goods without money or schools where curriculums are designed in collaboration with the students.” These activities are Crealist, Miranda explains, because they “bypass consumption, authority, and favour co-creation.” Miranda further underlines that “Crealism is not about individual, mystical experiences or self-development. I emphasize co-creation and collective experiences.”

Here is his statement of endorsement:
"As capitalism reaches what will be later recalled as its demented period, citizens of the world are no longer willing to "play the game". In a system fascinated by money and capital gains, the game is over because there are no winners. Everywhere the financial markets and multinational companies have spread an antiworld devoid of human joie-de-vivre, creativity and thinking. We humans have become the collateral damage of capitalism. It is now time for our generation to get rid of the greed. In France, the crealist movement has been preparing and seeing a revolutionary change yet to bloom. We support the October 2011 initiative : America has been the leader of dementia : it can now awake, thanks to your efforts, to a new and freer dimension."


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